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Do you guys have an Idea? There are already 600 million Indians on social media, who have at least one social media account and still counting and the average user spends at least 3 hours on social media sites? Then why wouldn’t you want to use social media as a tool for your business leads or Promotion?

Social Media is a modern era Media, which had a high influence in the mind of every type of Generation, whether it is young, Average or old, everyone is crazy about it. There is no denying this modern era media successfully outdated TV, Radio and Newspaper whether its finding partners, accessing newspaper, asking for political change, Entertainment, making friends, social media is playing a Big Role.

Besides Entertainment Social Media plays a big role in expanding business. Nowadays every business start using social media to increase brand awareness and reach a target audience because people find it more efficient and reliable comparing offline market

Do you still have doubt Social Media Marketing importance to grow your business Let me tell you some facts to prove its Relevancy


Social Media Audit & Strategy  

We closely analyze your current social media standings, Optimize your profiles, and make a strategy to skyrocket your brand.

 Targeted Likes and Followers 

We have developed a variety of methods to grow our clients’ Social followers. Our tactics include paid advertising as well as methods that do not involve ad buys.

 Contests, Promotions, and Giveaways 

Build more engagement through photo contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, and more. Keep them coming back with regular contests.

Influencer Marketing

Research and strategies to determine the best influencers for your industry. We will reach out to them, manage their activities, and build ongoing relationships.

Creating Engaging Content

We help you create a buzz and widen your social reach through development as well as the promotion of smart, crisp, useful, and highly interactive content.

Quality Reviews

We Provide quality reviews on your social media profile that instantly creates a sign of trust and authenticity.

Meme Marketing

We produce memes in a manner that reflects the brand’s message and at the same time provide a pinch of good humor to the viewer.

 Video Views & Viral

We provide targeted Views like 500k, 1 Million views to your brand video through Cross-posting, boosting, and Sharing, and makes them Viral.

Increase Traffic

Feature your brand in Stories of millions of followers Insta and Facebook Page to increase sales, generate leads and gain traffic

Paid Advertising

Our specially-curated advertising campaigns for social media platforms promise to deliver high volumes of traffic to your website.

Why Hisar Fever?

13+ years Experience
100+ Employees
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80% Repeat Business
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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I invest in Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing is the booster for your Business. If You want to increase Brand awareness of your Business than Social media platforms are best. This is the best way to make Audience feels like a part of your Brand.
How much does Social Media Marketing costs?
Social media is only about the time consuming and Consistency in updating posts. Spending time is very important for Social media like writing captions, engagements and creating assets. It will cost if you will hire agencies like us for your Brand awareness. Hisar fever will manage your Channels professionally with Online advertisements also.
What Social Media Platforms should I use?
Well, it's totally depends on your Business. While we can say that facebook is very old and trustable starting platform. And If we Talk about Professionalism then Facebook, Google my Business, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter is the top most platforms for promotion.
Should I delete bad comments or reviews of Social media platforms?
It totally depends on that platform which you are using. If you delete comments on Facebook and twitter, can take as a negative side. So you have to be careful while using social media for your Business.