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    • April 18th, 2021
    • Sangya

    As we all are already aware that becoming a Company Secretary(CS) is not a matter of joke. It takes years of intense hard-work and extreme knowledge to crack the CA exam and reach a step closer to becoming a CA. In this list we will present the names of some of the finest coaching institute for CS in Hisar. Taking tutoring and mentorship from the proper place and from the proper teachers determines your chances of getting selected to a great extent. Not all the institutes are as good as they seem on the internet.


    It is important to distinguish between a fake, colourful institute and a real institute with real mentors and teachers. Good institutes and good teachers makes your journey to become a CA a lot easier than they would have been had you taken admission into  a wrong institution. We hope, our list of -BEST 5 COACHING INSTITUTE FOR CS IN HISAR, helps you choose the correct institution to help fulfil your dreams.



    Vishesh Academy of Commerce was established in 2004 for providing excellent mentorship to commerce students. Through the years of its operation, Vishesh Academy have proved itself as one of the best coaching institute for CS in Hisar. The institute believes in setting a good moral mindset of their students other than providing excellent education to them.

    The faculty members of Vishesh Academy are incomparable and their hard work and dedication to their students helps each student success in their CA exams. They provide individual attention to each student to help them overcome their doubts regarding the subject. The staffs and teachers are exceptionally well-mannered and good, and are always ready to help their students.

    Their way of teaching concepts is simply amazing and over the years has set a strong, successful alumni base. If you are looking for a good coaching institute for CS in Hisar, Vishesh Academy should be your one-stop tutoring point.

    LOCATION- DSS-33, Near Fawara Chowk, Old court, commercial complex, Lajpat Nagar, Hisar, Haryana-125001
    CALL- 097290 70795


    Through years of loyal and transparent result-driven service, Yashvi Academy of Commerce, have deservingly earned the title of the top coaching institute for CS in Hisar. The institution is a huge disciple of the morals- professionalism and dedication. Through their sheer passion of spreading knowledge and intense hard work, Yashvi Academy have helped thousands of CS aspirants live their dream.

    The faculty members of Yashvi Academy of Commerce are extremely knowledgeable and well-trained. They know how to teach such that every student can grasp the concept. The constant motivation of the teachers to rise higher everyday makes a huge impact on the student’s life. They have the ability to make even tough concepts look easy.

    If you want to ace in your CA exams, you should join Yashvi Academy of Commerce. Their dedication toward giving you a successful future won’t go in vain. There’s a reason why the institute is considered as one of the finest coaching institute for CS in Hisar.

    LOCATION- Near Maharashtra Bank, bhamashah Nagar, Hisar, Haryana-125001
    CALL- 098137 74749

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    JS Academy of Commerce is yet another great coaching institute for CS in Hisar. They believe in providing excellent education to their students. The faculty members of this institution are unmatchable. Their heavy knowledge regarding their field and expert teaching methods guarantees success.

    The way the faculty member of JS Academy teaches difficult concepts is commendable. They make sure no student is having trouble understanding their teaching. The staffs of this institution are well-trained and are always one step ahead to help their students. JS Academy provides students a perfect environment to learn and grow by healthily competing with their peers.

    It is not only by fame that JS Academy is considered as the best coaching institute for CS in Hisar, they have proved themselves every year with their huge number of qualified students.

    LOCATION- 153/B, Street number 7, Jawahar Nagar, Hisar, Haryana-125001
    CALL- 074043 63737


    Om Academy is one of the most prestigious and reputed coaching institute for CS in Hisar. All the hired faculty members are excellent and extremely qualified. The teachers have years of teaching experience which makes it easier for them to teach concepts in a way that can be understood by even average students. The institute believes in providing quality education to their students with utmost professionalism.

    The faculty members of Om Academy know how to bring out the best version of each student. This particular trait has been producing a hige number of successful alumni every year since its inception. If you want to have a bright future, you should get admission into Om Academy for CS coaching.

    LOCATION- DSS-32, Ground Floor Old Court Complex, Near Fawara Chowk, Hisar, Haryana-125001
    CALL- 099928 87708

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    For Vidyanagari, students are everything. They believe in making each student see their potential. Alongside providing quality education to the students, they also teach good moral and cultural values. Vidyanagari is one of the best coaching institutes for CS in Hisar. They make use of the latest technology to build an everlasting memory of concepts in the student’s head.
    Other than teaching the syllabus, they also focus on personality development. The faculty members of Vidyanagari are one of a kind. They are hard disciples of ethics like hard work and dedication. Vidyagari has a very peaceful atmosphere, which helps students to function in a calm and efficient manner.

    If you are looking for a great coaching institute for CS in Hisar, do give Vidyanagari a try. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

    LOCATION- 12-N, 2nd Floor, Model Town, Hisar, Haryana-125001
    CALL- 081990 39550


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